How we run our business

Concast provides innovative off-site Precast solutions to meet and often exceed the needs of our clients. We run our business on four core areas of expertise namely design, manufacturing, delivery and installation. We provide a comprehensive range of client services with health and safety, quality and environmental considerations being the essential foundations of our business.

Health & Safety

Health and safety is our No.1 priority at Concast. We ensure all our team are competent and trained in a safe system of work. We invest and stay informed of the latest technology, legislation and best industry practice. Our Health and Safety Management System is designed to encourage regular and inclusive participation from all members of our team and supply chain. Our company aims to continually improve our performance by taking a proactive approach to ensuring that health and safety is prioritised as an integral part of managing a successful business. We are proud to have been a driving force in the development of the Irish Precast Concrete Association’s health & safety management guidelines as issued to the concrete industry, which now form part of our own system of work.


Our business model is based on repeat business from satisfied clients which requires us to perform consistently at our best across every part of our service. It also requires us to be flexible and helpful where possible to meet our client’s needs during both the design and installation process. We are acutely aware that business relationships take time to grow but can be extinguished quickly if the quality of our service falls short of our own high standards. Our affiliations and accreditations are a declaration of our intent to perform at our highest level. Our dedicated factory quality team strive to ensure that only fully approved elements leave for site while our on-site installation teams are quick to identify issues which may require additional attention.  


At Concast we understand that we are accountable for our impact on the Earth. Environmental engineering, energy efficiency and waste reduction are key elements in our drive to create a sustainable business. Our factories and offices undergo regular review to seek efficiencies. Automated light sensors, heat exchange systems, reusing waste materials, reducing waste and continually recycling material are some of the initiatives we champion. Precast concrete is an energy efficient material when considered over the life of a structure due to its excellent thermal conductivity. Our engineers and designers are focused on maximising this thermal conductivity, liaising with our client’s design team to incorporate details which can help improve a projects overall energy rating. 


Concast’s in-house design team comprises experienced specialist engineers who advise on all aspects of our Precast solutions, individual element application and value engineering opportunities. We provide early project Precast suitability design analysis with cost and programme planning. Our appraisal service can also interpret existing steel or in-situ concrete design drawings to provide a Precast design proposal along with cost tender submission, scope of work drawings and programme. Our designers regularly work with BIM and provide finite design analysis calculations as required. In-house designers draft general arrangement drawings which are agreed with our client’s design team and then broken down into individual element make-drawings for manufacture.


Concast have a substantial manufacturing capacity which has enabled us to complete projects of international renown. Our advanced manufacturing technology enables the production of high quality factory controlled Precast elements regardless of weather conditions. We can work with standard and complex profiles through a combination of automated steel beds, battery moulds, tilting tables, bespoke mouldage and specialised moulds with inbuilt vibration and curing systems. We manufacture all of our concrete utilising high-tech batching facilities which offer a variety of controlled mix options. Our steel processing facilities are comparable to that of an independent specialist steel provider as we process the vast majority of our own reinforcement. We are pre-stressing specialists and can produce elements spanning up to 45m. Our internal factory gantry cranage is capable of lifting individual elements up to 126T. We warmly welcome clients who want to tour our facilities.


Concast have an experienced transport team who are the engine behind our planning and scheduling. Planning backwards from installation is essential, enabling the sequencing of all units flowing through design, manufacture, storage areas, delivery and installation. Concast installation crews receive individual elements just-in-time and stacked-in-sequence, reducing handling from delivery vehicles. We have extensive experience in transporting oversized Precast elements, organising required permits, liaising with authorities and providing escorts in order to ensure the smooth delivery of exceptionally heavy, wide or long Precast elements. Concast’s fleet of heavy haulage vehicles includes specialist trailers which enable safe and cost efficient delivery.


Concast’s specialist installation crews have been trained to ensure a safe system of work at all times. Our experienced contract managers supervise safe installation while liaising with the main contractor’s on-site team and providing an essential link between site and our office. A clear methodology and sequencing of erection is essential to ensure our completion within programme. Assessing cranage requirements, maintaining access, creating safe working areas and ensuring snagging is completed to our clients satisfaction are some of the essential skills held by our experienced erection crews. Concast’s transport vehicles and fleet of mobile and crawler cranes are a considerable capital investment by Concast and their presence on-site adds dependability and professionalism to our service.