Concast provide Precast solutions for a wide range of living accommodation including residential, student, hotels, hostels, nursing homes, medical, education, prisons, etc. Multi-storey living accommodation projects are ideally suited to a Precast cross wall solution where floor layouts are replicated on all levels allowing for the structural design to incorporate a series of division or party walls which transfer the floor loads through the building to transfer slab or foundation level. The cross wall solution utilises the integral Precast access cores within the overall design for structural stability. Precast cross wall solutions can include external insulated sandwich wall panels which can be finished in an attractive factory applied acrylic render available in 250 colours. The ceiling of bespoke flooring units and internal walls can be provided ready for painting. 

Some of the additional inherent benefits of our Precast cross wall solutions include…

  • Programme and cost savings when compared to traditional construction including reduced need for scaffolding and quicker safe access for following trades;
  • Robust low maintenance structure with high thermal mass promoting heat retention, excellent acoustic insulation, high fire rating and increased security;
  • Factory controlled quality product adding increased certainty to programme scheduling;
  • All the benefits of off-site construction including improved health & safety arising from reduced labour and wet trades on site.