Products & Solutions

Concast is a design focused business providing bespoke Precast solutions for the Building and Civil industries. Everything we manufacture is designed for purpose and we do not carry stock items. Concast projects usually require the manufacture and installation of a variety of different Precast products working compositely as a total Precast solution or forming part of a hybrid structure. We also manufacture individual product types for projects on a supply-only basis, assuming sufficient quantities are required. The following is a selection of individual precast elements which we regularly manufacture. Please contact us directly to discuss how we can help with your specific requirements.

Building Products & Solutions

Our beams are designed to perform as part of a total Precast beam and column frame solution or alternatively they can form part of a hybrid structure interacting with steel or in-situ concrete. We manufacture a wide variety of Precast beam types including: Balcony / Bespoke / Continuous / Edge / Ground / Pitched C4 Warehouse / Prestressed /  Reinforced / Spandrel / Spine / Stadia Raker / Transfer / etc.  

We manufacture both reinforced and prestressed Precast columns in a variety of profiles including: Bespoke / Circular / Oval / Rectangular / Square / etc. In order to offer our clients value engineered solutions we often utilise multi-storey columns for inclusion within both our own total Precast beam and column frame solutions or for inclusion within a hybrid structure, interconnected with steel or in-situ concrete.

We manufacture a variety of Precast wall types including: Bespoke / Blast / Cladding / Feature / Fire / Insulated Sandwich / Retaining / Shear / Solid / Spandrel / Stadia Vomitory / etc. Precast walls are incorporated within most of our building solutions. We also offer a total Precast cross wall frame solution which is suited to multi-storey buildings where floor layouts are replicated on all levels such as with hotels, student residences and apartments.

Concast manufacture various Precast flooring solutions for inclusion within both our total Precast frame solutions and hybrid structures interacting with steel or in-situ concrete. We manufacture a range of flooring products including: Bespoke / Coffered / Ramp / Terraced Seating / Wideslab / etc. We also incorporate Precast hollowcore flooring within our design solutions, utilising individual units up to 500mm deep and spanning up to 16m.  


Our Precast access core solutions are incorporated within our cross wall frames, beam and column frames or supplied as independent structures interacting with hybrid solutions. Concast manufacture all access core elements including: Bespoke / Capping Slab / Landing Slab / Lift Shaft / Solid Wall / Stair / etc. Our lift shaft segments are cast as a single piece for each floor level and can be manufactured to provide multiple adjoining lift carriages.   

Concast manufacture a wide selection of Precast solutions for the construction of distribution centres, warehouses and factories. Products and solutions manufactured by Concast include: Access Core / Bespoke / C4 Pitched Beam & Column Frame Solution / Dock leveller Components / Ground Beam / Insulated Sandwich Panel Dock Surround / Insulated Freezer-Pod Wall / Lift Shaft / Retaining Wall / Service Yard Wall / Service & Sub-floor Access Pit / Stair / etc. 

Civil Products & Solutions

Concast manufacture a wide variety of prestressed and reinforced bridge beams for the road, rail and civil industries. Bridge components and beam profiles manufactured by Concast include: Bespoke / Box Beam / Coping / Deck / Edge Beam / GRC Permanent Formwork / Parapet / Reinforced Parapet Wall / TY Beam / U Beam / W Beam / Y Beam / etc. For further information on our range of bridge profiles and their associated dimensions please download our Civil Brochure here.

Concast have been manufacturing Precast for the road, rail and civil industries since 1975. We offer a variety of standard products including: Bespoke / Culvert / Head Wall / U Culvert / Retaining Wall / Wing Wall / etc. Please download our Civil Brochure here to view a selection of our standard products and associated dimensions. We are highly experienced in the manufacture of large bespoke Precast elements for the civil industry, please contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Specialist marine products and solutions manufactured by Concast include: Bespoke / Bollard / Crosshead Beam / Fender / Fender Beam / Harbour & Quay Wall / Pipe Collar / Sea Defence Wall / Wave Return Barrier / etc. We regularly manufacture utilising mould formwork liners and specialised concrete mixes in order to further enhance the durability and longevity of individual Precast elements required for harsh sea environments.