M7 Motorway Ireland

Bowen & Somague
Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)
Bridge Parapets / Culverts / GRC Permanent Formwork Slabs / TY Beams / TYE Bridge Beams / U Bridge Beams / W Bridge Beams

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Under the instruction of an Irish Portuguese joint venture between Bowen and Somague, Concast designed and delivered 51 separate Precast structures on the Castletown to Nenagh section of the M7 Motorway. We provided 28 over-bridge structures comprising approximately 7,000 linear meters of prestressed bridge beams, edge beams and parapets along with GRC permanent formwork slabs spanning between all beams. The bridge beams mostly comprised U and W beams (80 W beams with spans up to 34 linear metres) with only two structures comprising TY and TYE beams. We also provided 700 linear meters of culverts providing 23 separate structures with each culvert run incorporating associated headwalls and wingwalls. This section of the M7 spanned 36 km between Castletown County Laois and Neagh County Tipperary (between junctions 21 and 24). The M7 motorway is the main arterial motorway within Ireland, running 166 km from the outskirts of Naas County Kildare to Rossbrien on the outskirts of Limerick City.