Croke Park Stadium Dublin

Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA)
Columns / Raker Beams / Terraced Seating Units / Retaining Walls / Stairs / Wall Panels / Vomitory Walls

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This hallowed ground is a cultural beacon to the people of Ireland. Located in the heart of Dublin City’s north side the GAA purchased the grounds in 1913. The stadium initially consisted of two stands located with grassy banks on all other sides. From these humble origins has sprung a world class sporting facility where the fortunes of present and future generations will be played out in a uniquely Irish way. The redevelopment of Croke Park began during 1994 reaching completion nearly a decade later, allowing the stadium to continue functioning during construction. Firstly the Cusack stand was constructed, followed by the Canal End with the Hogan Stand completing the covered seating redevelopment. Standing 35m high, the stadium towers over neighbouring inner-city residential streets.  The stadium is constructed in three tiers, consisting of a main concourse, premium level and the upper concourse which provides world class facilities including bars, restaurants, conference facilities and a GAA museum. Concast designed, manufactured and installed over 3,600 terraced seating units and 40,000 sqm of hollowcore flooring along with all raker beams, wall panels, stairs and landings in this redevelopment which is currently the third largest stadium in Europe with 83,000 seats (Wembley London and Nou Camp Barcelona are larger stadiums). Sisk are longstanding client’s of Concast with numerous large scale projects completed including Greystones Harbour, St Annes Milltown Dublin and the HIX Holiday Inn Express Birmingham.