Copland's Dock Orkney Island Scotland

BAM Nuttall
Orkney Council
Coping Units / Crosshead Beams / Edge Beams / TY Bridge Beams / Wave Screen Walls / Quay & Jetty Structures

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The Copland’s Dock pier forms part of Orkney Council’s investment in major infrastructure projects for the marine renewables industry. BAM Nuttall choose Concast to provide a Precast solution for the new pier deck. Concast provided Precast weighing over 5,200T comprising 879 separate elements delivered in two chartered shipments. A total of 29T of bracing steel was welded on-board both shipments to ensure the cargo did not move during transport where 16m waves can be experienced during storm conditions. The project included 558 pre-stressed TY beams, 89 crosshead beams (up to 27T per beam), 83 edge beams, 73 coping units and 60 wave screen walls. The main pier has a deck area of 2,900 sqm while the narrower approach pier has an area of 760 sqm. A concrete mix incorporating GGBS was deigned by Concast in order to further enhance durability and longevity of the Precast elements. Concast have successfully completed numerous large scale marine and civil projects with BAM and BAM Nuttall in both the UK and Ireland including Stornoway Ferry Terminal Scotland, N3 Mulhuddart Upgrade Dublin and Newlands Cross Dublin.